Chanakya Foundation (B.Ed. Course)

Chanakya Foundation (B.Ed. Course)

The CHANAKYA FOUNDATION (B.Ed.) Degree Course consists of Two annual examination.It is authorized by Aryabhat Knowledge University. It is under NCTE(National Council For Teacher Education) under Ministry of HRD Govt of India. The teaching method used in this course include Classroom based teaching lectures, Practice teaching in School, micro teaching, criticism lessons, work experience, community work, social service, assignments and supervised practicals, component in the laboratories. The assessment methods used in the annual session of the course include three internal examinations and a University Examination.


The students shall abide by underlined rules and regulations and code of conduct and those which are enforced from time to time.
Admission of the students will be confirmed after full payment of the prescribed college fee and documents required for the admission.
If the admission is withdrawn then no amount of fee will be refunded.
Student are required to obtain the identity cards from the college office without which they cannot enter the college premises and avail themselves of the facility of various co-curricular and extra co-curricular and extra co-curricular provisions.
As per University rule if a student attends less than 75% classes he/she shall not be eligible to appears in the University examination.
The student does not qualify in the internal examination with minimum prescribed marks he/she shall not be eligible to appear in the University examination of that subject. There shall be three internal examinations during the course period one year.
The student shall be responsible for proper handling and safe custody of lab equipment used by them. Any damage or breakage or loss during the use or custody of students shall be recovered from them.
The student shall participate in games and sports activities as per the given schedule.
Normally the college-leaving certificate will be issued only after completion of the course.
The students shall not form any union or association. No student is supposed to participate in any kind of strike or agitation. Anybody found guilty of doing so will be liable to face strict action including expulsion from the college.
Ragging is strictly prohibited. Anybody found guilty of it shall be punished severely including expulsion from the college.
Hostel accommodation to outside students shall be provided on demand.
All authorities of hostel management lie with the principal and warden. The Principal is the custodian of all the hostesl.


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